Monday, January 21, 2013

Dexter's Michael C Hall

We've gotten Michael a few times at TIFF and when we've been in LA and he's always a really cool guy. Nothing has changed, and he was great once again at Sundance.

Jensen Ackles YVR

Jensen flew back from Los Angeles last night and was in amazingly great spirits (it might have been I was the only person there asking him for autographs, and I'm a girl...) He had to stand around and wait for a few minutes because the airport was extremely busy, so we chatted about his weekend in Los Angeles. He said he enjoys the 75 degrees a lot more than the 30 of Vancouver. He also said the wife is doing really well and he's excited but thinks it will really kick in once she's "the size of a small car."

He then went in for a hug and wished me a good night and said it was great to see me again, take care.
Such a classy guy.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lesley Nicol and Bailee Madison

Once Upon A Time has been bringing in some great guest stars, and we were pretty excited for Lesley Nicol to be brought in. She's an EXTREMELY nice woman, and her and Bailee stood chatting for 10 minutes about Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time (with a few spoilers thrown in) and Vancouver restaurants.
They both signed a couple photos for us, took pictures with and posed for pictures with our puppy (which Bailee posted on her Twitter account).

Friday, January 4, 2013

Emilie de Ravin back in Vancouver

Emilie flew back after her Christmas break to film a few scenes for Once Upon a Time. She was super sweet as always.