Monday, February 24, 2014

Jennifer Morrison

Our first time getting Jennifer Morrison in 2014 was during Family Day weekend.

We've been hearing JMo is becoming more fan friendly at set and has been meeting fans regularly, which usually wasn't the case the previous 2 years.

JMO has always been really nice to us and signs what we have; not usually one for small talk she will chat a little bit with a smile on her face and carry on her way.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest comedians right now (in our opinion).

When we saw he was coming in for Night at the Museum 3, we had a hard time deciding what to get him to sign because he's done so many good roles.

Ricky was snuck out a side door at YVR but luckily after his 8 hour flight, he had to use the facilities and was brought back into the airport and right by us.

He stopped to sign and was extremely cool and friendly, although his airport greeter was trying to get him back to his vehicle. We had been told in advance Ricky was very fan friendly, and he did a couple photos with and continued to sign all the way to his vehicle, even with his greeter asking him if he was okay with doing it.

Jamie Dornan's new autograph

We were lucky to get Jamie Dornan one last time before he flew out of Vancouver.
His security and YVR acted as if Brad Pitt and his family were coming through and tried to trick the group waiting that Jamie was coming in one door.

I (Lindsay) figured out what was going on and went to a different set of doors where I spotted Jamie instantly and got him one on one while his bodyguard and assistant were off organizing the crowd. Jamie signed a bunch for me and it was the very nice autograph, full name that he's been handing out since Once Upon A Time.

The group inside figured out what was going on and managed to get Jamie before they snuck him in the side door. Jamie was super friendly, but his publicist did not enjoy him signing any autographs. Jamie was handed a blue pen and she made sure to take it right out of his hand and give him a bad black sharpie. (Despite Jamie signing in blue for me moments before). Jamie was then rushed towards the door and sloppily signed for those waiting; his publicist kept pulling him towards the doors to get him away from those asking for autographs. Jamie is incredibly nice and everyone waiting got his autograph, but instead of being calm and organized his "people" tried to create a scene of chaos. Sadly for Jamie, things will only get worse from here.
Once landed in London, our friend sent us photos of the autograph Jamie was handing out there, one on one and unfortunately they look like the ones we got at YVR in the group. You can't expect a full autograph for much longer with how high his demand is.

One on one outside, and multiple times during filming autograph:

Publicist rushing through the airport autograph:
Publicist really not wanting Jamie to sign photos at all:

Robert Kazinsky

We are massive Pacific Rim fans. It's just one of those movies you shut off your brain and enjoy. And one of the best characters in the movie was Robert Kazinsky.

Rob is filming Warcraft in Vancouver for a few months and this is the second time we've gotten up to him. As an LA transplant, he's having trouble adapting to the Vancouver winter, but was in great spirits and chatted for a bit while he signed our photos.

Black Canary Caity Lotz

Any time we get Caity Lotz, it's enjoyable. She's so incredibly sweet and genuinely enjoys fan interaction. Her character has really warmed up to us and she blushed when we mentioned how big of a fan following she's gaining.

Grant Gustin - The Flash

Pilot season is officially upon us.

Grant Gustin flew in on Saturday to begin work on his CW pilot The Flash (which we've already been told is guaranteed a 13 episode order).

Grant was extremely friendly and very excited about the show. He joked about being a Clippers fan and how he won't adopt the Vancouver Canucks just because he'll be filming here (not to mention Stephen Amell won't allow it). He kept coy about the crossovers of characters but when asked about   Emily Bett Rickards making an appearance in the Flash, he said she's a part of Arrow but looked forward to the possibility of it.