Monday, March 19, 2012

The Selection cast in Vancouver

The highly anticipated pilot The Selection has started filming in Vancouver.
So far we've been able to meet Ethan Peck, William Moseley, Aimee Teegarden and Chad Rook. Every single cast member was super cool and signed a few photos for us and took pictures with us and other fans. William Moseley is hands down one of the coolest people we've met in recent years. He genuinely just wants to talk and get to know each of his fans.

Aimee's boyfriend is in town and they went out for Japadog last night and she signed a couple more pics for us in the process. Really excited for this pilot, the premise just sounds really awesome.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hunger Games premiere

The Hunger Games premiere was going to be our last "hurrah" of the trip. It was extremely underwhelming. We were on the non-wristband side of the street and a couple of the cast members told us that Lionsgate had warned the cast they were not allowed to sign on that side, only for the people with wristbands.
Jackie Emerson came over and signed down the entire line. As did Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Just getting the main 3 was all we cared about. We added Josh and Liam to a couple items that already had Jennifer on them. Overall, it was a success, but it would have been nice to get the people like Wes Bentley, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson.

A sunny day at the beach - JENNIFER LAWRENCE AGAIN

Ken and I went to do some shopping and sightseeing after the Revenge panel and it actually turned out to be the luckiest day of our trip!

While we were walking back to our car from a late lunch, we spotted Jennifer Lawrence being taught how to skateboard by her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and her brother!

It was a little weird to be going up to her just randomly on the street, but like I mentioned, the girl is a total SWEETHEART. She stood around and talked for quite awhile about how crazy this whole thing is and how she's really excited. Nicholas also signed a few photos for us and talked about Skins and I asked him about Warm Bodies because I read the book and am really looking forward to it!

We managed to get every single photo we had brought on the trip for Jennifer done, as well as a bunch of Nicholas'. Definitely the best autographing day we've ever had, by far!

Revenge Paley Fest

On Sunday March 11th we went to the Revenge Paley fest panel. I love Revenge and think it's one of the best new shows this season. Ken hadn't seen it.

At the panel, every single cast member came over and signed. Ken and I were on opposite sides of the stage and at one point, I passed my clipboard to Joshua Bowman, he took it and just sat on the stage and signed every photo I had. He then got to the last photo and noticed a Nick Weschler was underneath. He walked over the Nick, gave him the clipboard and then Nick did the same thing. At the bottom of my Nick's were Ashley Madakwe's and needless to say, this cast was fantastic. They all signed anything we had (except Madeleine Stowe.) I was on the wrong side of the stage for Emily Vancamp but she and Ken had a great conversation about being Canadian and she was a total sweetheart.
After getting Gabriel Mann, Conner Paolo and Christa B Allen outside, Ken decided it was time he got into the show because of how fantastic this cast really is.

Vampire Diaries Paley Fest

We're both really big Vampire Diaries fans and seeing as there's only a few flights from Atlanta a day, we knew they would all be coming in a little before the 7pm panel. Our planning was right and we managed to get Nina Dobrev, Matthew Davis, Candice Accola and Ian Somerhalder.

Nina was very UNCOOL when it came to signing. She did NOT want to be seen anywhere near Ian (she doesn't like people knowing their a couple). And when she realized that her and Ian were supposed to be sharing a car, she freaked out, signed only a couple and then ran off to get into Matt Davis' car.

Ian on the other hand was very cool. He's a weird guy, but still very nice. He signed most of what we had and talked to us while he was doing it. Afterwards he thanked us for being fans, and shook both our hands and like a gentleman would, he kissed mine.

Sons of Anarchy Paley fest

Still high on our Jennifer Lawrence success, we went to the Saban Theatre for the Sons of Anarchy panel. Ken is a huge SOA fan - me, not so much. While waiting for arrivals, Tommy Flanagan and Theo Rossi both came over and signed for  us. Theo had been to Vancouver to film Alcatraz and we knew he was dating Sarah Jones and he was very happy to talk to us for awhile about her and the city.

Once inside, it was quite a bit of mayhem. We managed to get Theo and Tommy again, Dayton Callie, David Labrava, Michael Ornsteid and Kurt Sutter.

Los Angeles ! Jennifer Lawrence flies out.

We headed to Los Angeles for 7 days. The main goal was for the Hunger Games cast but Paley fest was also happening at that time.

We landed in Los Angeles and knew that Jennifer Lawrence was flying out to Miami within the hour so we basically RAN to the next terminal and withing 20minutes of being in Los Angeles, got Alexander Ludwig. Alex remembered us from back at Thanksgiving when he flew into Vancouver to visit his family. He's such a cool guy and signs everything.

Next up was Jennifer Lawrence.What an amazing girl. The best part of this was that her publicist had gone inside to wait for her, so there was no one to say "One per" or, "No more". Jennifer signed EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. We probably got at least 15 autographs from her and at first, they were her nice autograph but as it went on they got messier and messier and we backed out while she was still signing because when her sig gets messy, it just doesn't look good. She was a total sweetheart and posed for pictures with everyone waiting.

Once Upon A Time Paley fest 2012

It's been awhile between posts, not because we haven't been working, but because honestly I think I can only post so many Once Upon A Time and Secret Circle blogs (seeing as those are the most common autographs we get). But yet, here's another.
The Once Upon A Time cast was in Los Angeles for Paley fest on March 4th. The majority flew out on March 3rd and we were able to get autographs that day from Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla. The rest came back the evening of the 4th, and we got autographs from Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and a few more Robert Carlyles.
This entire cast is amazing. We don't get Robert as much but when we do, he is very willing to sign everything you brought out. Josh and Ginny are two of the coolest people we've ever met. Jennifer Morrison is always really obliging and willing to talk for a little while.