Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Once Upon A Time in Steveston

Once Upon A Time was filming scenes for the finale again in Steveston today. 
 Ginnifer and Josh were enjoying the Vancouver sunshine, holding hands and having a good time.
Josh, Ginny and Jared signed for us. Beverly Elliot also signed for another grapher there but we didn't have anything for her. Jennifer Morrison said that she doesn't sign autographs at set anymore but we didn't need her anyway, since we had just gotten her on the weekend.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jennifer Morrison - March 23rd

Jennifer Morrison caught a flight out of YVR this morning and we were happy to complete a couple combos we have been sitting on for awhile. She was tired and had lost her voice but still stopped to sign for us.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Julia Benson

We carry around photos for Julia Benson just for the off chance we will spot her in Vancouver. While heading to the juice truck on a random Saturday Julia and Emilie Ullerup were out walking their dogs. We ran to the car, pulled out the photos and asked Julia to sign. She's always extremely sweet and knows us by name now. She signed everything we had and stood around and chatted for awhile.

Kim Coates - Sons of Anarchy

Kim Coates was doing a movie premiere and Q&A in New Westminster for his new movie "Ferocious." He was super cool and signed a whole bunch of photos and chatted for a bit. When I got my picture with him, he made sure to hide the bottle of liquor he was holding in his hand from sight. Really awesome guy.

Just like Charlie Hunnam, Kim had some choice words about Kurt killing off Ryan Hurst in the show.

Spencer Locke of Resident Evil

We got Spencer Locke when she was in Vancouver filming Cult but when we heard she would be here another 2 weeks for the pilot Big Thunder, we were really happy to get a few more from her. She's always extremely sweet and such a cute girl.

Nashville Paleyfest Panel

We went to the Nashville panel just to get Hayden Panettiere and  Connie Britton. We were lucky and Hayden signed upon arrivals and we managed to get a couple photos done by her. Connie wouldn't come over so we had to try our luck inside.
After the panel the entire cast except for Connie signed for all the fans, with most of the cast being super cool and kind with their fans. Clare Bowen was one of the sweetest girls we've met, so we got her to sign a microphone and she added her character name to it.

Jane Levy - Suburgatory

Jane Levy was a surprise sighting this past week as her boyfriend Thomas McDonnel is in town filming the tv pilot "The Hundred."

Recently getting into Suburgatory, we were excited to get Jane on a couple photos. She spoke very briefly to us about the Evil Dead as well (which she is starring in)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colin O'Donoghue and his crutch

Colin has been less seen on set as of late due to his injury so when we got his flight coming into LAX, we went out for him. Colin is just like the rest of the OUAT cast - super cool.
He stood and chatted about the injury and how he's almost healed up and will be back on the Steveston set this week. He said this whole "popularity" and "fandom" thing was new to him but he couldn't wait to experience first hand. 

At the Paleyfest panel, Colin was so nice that he even walked the 100m over to the people on the side and signed for them (minus the crutch) and during the panel stood around and met with all the fans trying to see him. At one point there were about a dozen girls crying because Colin had touched their hands and signed their programs. Watch out ladies, he's a heartbreaker!

Arrow at Paleyfest

As huge Arrow fans, we were excited to catch the Paleyfest panel. Before the show, David Ramsey, Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy all came over and signed for those waiting. Katie looked just amazing in her dress.
Inside as expected, it was mayhem. The entire cast tried to get everyone that asked and Stephen was awesome, as always. There is no one cooler than Stephen Amell. He's so grateful for his fans, and he tries to thank every single person for their support. He tried signing for every single person that asked him. We stood off to the side and waited until he had gotten everyone before asking him and helped a few fans get their photos with him. At one point a girl was in tears because he had missed her and she didn't get her photo with him, and we managed to call Stephen back over to our side so she could get her photo.

Last night we knew Stephen Amell would be flying back from LA, and we met him at the airport. He stood and chatted for awhile and  just talked about how cool the whole thing was and how blown away he is by the fans and the support he receives.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nicholas Hoult

We flew into Los Angeles Friday afternoon and knew that Nicholas Hoult had an appearance the night before and would probably head back to England that day. We got lucky and his flight was early enough that we would still make it to the Walking Dead panel.

Nicholas has always been very cool and this time was no different. He signed a bunch of photos and posed for pictures with and thanked us for supporting his films.

Revolution at Paleyfest

We knew he Revolution cast had filmed Friday night until 4am so they had to fly in to make it in time for their Paley panel that evening. We managed to get the entire cast (minus Danielle Alonso) at the airport and they all signed and posed for photos. Every single member of this cast is super cool. Even though we had already gotten all our photos signed at the airport, we're big fans of the show so we went to the Paleyfest panel as well just to get JJ Abrams and Danielle Alonso.
At arrivals, every single cast member signed again and a surprise appearance was Jon Favreau. We had 2 director clapper boards and Jon signed both and added "Swingers!" to one when I asked.
Inside, after the panel every cast member once again stayed on the stage for a long time signing for everyone and JJ Abrams would stop and talk to every single person and genuinely wanted to talk to you and know who you were. Really amazing guy, said he absolutely loves and misses Vancouver and can't wait to get back.

Walking Dead Paleyfest

One of the main reasons we went on this trip was the get the Walking Dead cast at Paleyfest. This cast is amazingly cool and this time was no different. Every cast member except for Emily Kinney (who ran off the stage) stood in front of the mobs of people (and we're talking MOBS) and signed for a good half hour. AMC has told their cast to not sign photos anymore and a few of them were trying to avoid pictures but eventually caved. Andrew Lincoln, always an amazing guy, chatted for a bit about my love for Strike Back and how great the first season was.
Norman Reedus was a machine signing for every person that asked, posed for photos, even signed a girls forehead. Danai Gurira and Laurie Holden both took care of everyone they could.
Steven Yeun and Scott Wilson were a little tougher to get as they really didn't want to sign pictures but after enough persistence they signed a few. It was absolute mayhem in there so big kudos the cast for remaining cool and loyal to their fans.