Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arrow at Paleyfest

As huge Arrow fans, we were excited to catch the Paleyfest panel. Before the show, David Ramsey, Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy all came over and signed for those waiting. Katie looked just amazing in her dress.
Inside as expected, it was mayhem. The entire cast tried to get everyone that asked and Stephen was awesome, as always. There is no one cooler than Stephen Amell. He's so grateful for his fans, and he tries to thank every single person for their support. He tried signing for every single person that asked him. We stood off to the side and waited until he had gotten everyone before asking him and helped a few fans get their photos with him. At one point a girl was in tears because he had missed her and she didn't get her photo with him, and we managed to call Stephen back over to our side so she could get her photo.

Last night we knew Stephen Amell would be flying back from LA, and we met him at the airport. He stood and chatted for awhile and  just talked about how cool the whole thing was and how blown away he is by the fans and the support he receives.

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