Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jensen Ackles - July 2013

Always a great start to the weekend seeing Jensen Ackles.

Jensen caught an early flight this morning to be reunited with his wife and kid in Los Angeles.

He is always an extremely chatty and friendly guy and stood around with us for a few minutes just talking.

We asked him how it felt getting rid of the beard, and he said it would be nice to look at a different face for awhile. Then we asked how was Jay going to recognize him since that's all she's ever seen him with? And his response: I think she'll be more worried about what she can pull on. Probably my lip.


  1. Great Job nice to see him on his way home.

  2. Semana come├žando com Jensen?Tudo de bom!

  3. Great to see Jensen relaxed and happy.
    Bet he's gonna get real tired travelling back to LA each weekend?
    Hope it don't start him thinking about leaving the show.
    That's were it's better for Jared as Gen lives with him.