Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michael J Fox

How is it we've lived in Vancouver all our lives and yet never met Michael J Fox? Well, now we can say we have, and he's earned himself a spot at the top of the best signers list.
We first got Michael at the airport after he flew in from New York. He signed for everyone waiting and was very patient about it.

Later on he was being honored at an event and he signed on the way in for the few people waiting outside. On leaving (remember - this is the 3rd time that day that he had seen the same group of people), his security guard kept saying "he's not signing anymore!" and Michael looked over and saw everyone, said to his security "No, I have to sign for these guys." He came over and said "I'm sorry that I'm really tired guys, is it alright if I just do 2 each for you?" He signed for everyone and talked and joked the whole time about how he has a golf tournament tomorrow and of course, it's Vancouver, so it will probably be raining.

What a stand up guy. I think we may have to donate a percentage of our sale of his items to Stem Cell research. Honestly, one of the most genuine, kind men. These local boys sure are winning us over this week. 

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

Yesterday Lea Michele flew in from London to visit her boyfriend Cory Monteith.

We got a tip that Lea and Cory were out for dinner at the Eatery in Kitsilano and headed out there. As they were leaving the restaurant, Cory offered to sign and saw the photos were all for Lea and joked "I sign so many of these things you guys probably don't want me any more." He pulled Lea over to sign and she started saying "It's raining, it's raining!" (we were under an awning and it was  completely dry). She signed a few and then pulled Cory away and briskly walked to the car. We managed to get 2 each.
At their hotel later in the evening as they were walking (very cute, holding hands and snuggling), Cory walked right over to me and offered to sign and looked and said "oh, Lea!" and he called her over. She was in no mood to sign but Cory said "C'mon babe, they're good people" and Lea came over, signed one. When asked to sign another she said "I'm tired." Cory looked at her and made a gesture for her to sign more and instead she walked away back inside. Cory apologized to me and wished me a good evening.

Cory Monteith is one of the nicest guys and always very cool to fans. It's very strange to see them as a couple as she seems very not fan friendly but, they are adorable together.

Overall though, we got a bunch of Lea autographs. Wished we had our Cory photos on us to get done but, maybe next time. *I guess I should add, Cory knows us well and makes sure to greet us everytime he sees us. He is also very well aware of what we do. He is super cool everytime.*
I don't know where all of you are getting this impression we "followed them around." We were told where Cory was eating and Cory always stays at the same place so we headed back there later on.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Leo Awards

 The Leo Awards took place Saturday night in Vancouver. If you don't know, the Leo Awards celebrate BC actors and productions. The main reason we went? Sanctuary and Sara Canning.
Now to start this post off, you need to understand BC actors. They're mostly "bit players." The ones that attend the Leos are the actors who you've probably seen in a show you enjoy. Each of these actors knows us very well and are extremely happy to see us. To them, being asked for an autograph is an honor. Actors like Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore, Ryan Robbins, etc. These guys are extremely appreciative of their fans.
The evening started off with Ryan Robbins. He was a little hard to pick out at first because he had grown out super shaggy hair and a beard. When we asked him about it he said he was cast as a regular in Hell on Wheels season 2. Ryan was super cool, talked for a long while about his dogs.
Next up were Ben Cotton and Patrick Gilmore who both greeted us with hugs. Patrick Gilmore was so excited to be asked to sign autographs that he asked to sign another graphers chest and posted it on twitter. Such cool guys.
We've been hearing that the LA guys are super excited anytime they get up to Christopher Heyerdahl. He's been known to us for awhile with his Supernatural and Sanctuary roles but now in LA he's very prominent with Hell on Wheels and the new season of True Blood (which he'll be the bad guy). He couldn't tell me too much about the new TB season as it's kept pretty wrapped but told me that I'll really love this season.
This was our first time getting Emilie Ullerup. She was in a bit of a rush to get inside but her boyfriend Kyle Cassie was extremely excited when I had a photo for him to sign.
The very sweet Amanda Tapping (co-host of the awards) came right over to us and signed for everyone. She looked amazing in her dress and after signing she said to me, it's so good to see you again! We get up to Amanda about twice a year but when we do, she's a sweetheart. 
Sanctuary cast continued with Agam Darshi. She was unconfirmed to show so we were the only people with photos for her. Not pictured is Robin Dunne who we also got a couple times but that guy is quick and I couldn't snap any photos.
I have no idea why, but all the Vancouver graphers were extremely excited for Keegan Connor. I honestly wasn't entirely sure who she was, but got her on a couple Blue Fairy Once Upon A Time photos. She was happy to sign but very overwhelmed by the swarm of graphers around her. I still don't understand why everyone else was going nuts for her. Also pictured is Kacey Rohl signing for us.

The last person to arrive was the fashionably late Kandyse McClure. She signed all our photos but on the one picture above, she instead signed her character name instead of her signature. She was a little rushed to get in.
Sara Canning looked stunning and was very happy to see us and sign for us. We had A LOT of photos for her (being huge Vampire Diaries fans) and she was very happy to sign them all. We even completed a dual 11x14 of her and Matthew Davis that we've been holding onto for awhile.

Also not pictured, Bradley Stryker, Brent Butt and his wife Nancy Robertson, Ali Liebert or Brandon J McLaren. Over 100 signed photos in one evening. Not bad.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Jodie Foster (again) and Julianne Moore

After talking about how dead it is Vancouver, we must have improved our karma! In just over 24 hours of getting her,  we heard Jodie Foster was on her way out for the long weekend and Julianne Moore had wrapped her role in the Seventh Son.
We headed out to the airport and the group of people was much smaller this time. Jodie was the first person out of the vehicle, looks over to the small crowd and curses and walks over without being asked and starts signing. She was....well, look at the video and you'll know.
It wasn't a "bad" experience per say, but she definitely wasn't too happy to see everyone.
Julianne Moore on the other hand was an absolute sweetheart. Signed for everyone and signed anything we had (expect for one older photo where she is wearing fur. She is a PETA supporter and doesn't approve of the photo). She thanked us for coming out and told us she was done in Vancouver but loved her visit. 

Jodie Foster and William Fichtner

You know it's slow in Vancouver when the entire population of Vancouver (and Seattle!) autographers come out for Jodie Foster and William Fichtner. I think we counted 11 people there asking for autographs.
We've heard Jodie can be strict 1per or 2per but on this occasion, even with the huge crowd, she signed almost everything everyone had. We kind of wished we had printed more for her, but still got our two done.
William Fichtner is one of those character actors that is great in everything he's done and we were excited to get him on some Batman stills. He was a very cool guy and signed a bunch for everyone as well.

Vancouver airport has to be the best airport for autographs in the world. There's a nice railing that you have to walk down to get to the greeting area and it acts as an organized barrier that the graphers just line up on and the celebrity walks down the line (like at a premiere or red carpet) and signs along the line. We can usually get more autographs out of celebrities up here due to the organization and the comfort they feel with the safety of the barrier.
One of the visiting graphers (who comes up regularly) from Seattle @btwizzle1981 commented on his twtter: "One thing I really like about u guys up there is in a crowd situation everyone lines up, is respectful of each other & polite. There's no pushing, shoving, going over the top of each other, or other crazy nonsense that is not necessary. Makes things go smoother, puts the celeb at ease, and allows everyone to get what they want. Graphers in other cities could learn a thing or 2.."
(the railing lineup as seen from Leven Rambin's instagram - Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario signing)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stanley Tucci

May has been incredibly slow. All the tv shows have wrapped until July and we have two features in town - Percy Jackson & The Seventh Son. There's only so many times you want to go up to Ben Barnes, Logan Lerman, Julianne Moore, etc.
We have known Stanley Tucci was in town for the last week or so but we've been told that he is a strict one per. Stanley didn't come over and sign at the Hunger Games premiere in LA so we still had an 11x14 left over for him, and being huge comic book fans, we printed a Captain America photo as well. Just for the heck of it, we also printed a 2nd Hunger Games photo knowing it probably wouldn't get signed.
Last night we heard of Stanley's flight out of Vancouver for the long weekend. There was quite the crowd there for him and he started personalizing every photo.
This one he ran the Ken right through the entire signature
Because of the crowd, I was able to get up to Stanley again. He never looked up while signing so he didn't realize he was signing for the same person until he asked my name. At that point he told everyone he had to catch his plane. He wouldn't do pictures with as he was "in a rush." He was 2 hours early for his flight...there was no rush.
We'll probably try once more to get up to him to get him on our cast 11x14 done which already has Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Jackie Emerson, Willow Shields, Samuel Tan, Nelson Ascendio, Brooke Bundy & Ethan Jamieson.