Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

Yesterday Lea Michele flew in from London to visit her boyfriend Cory Monteith.

We got a tip that Lea and Cory were out for dinner at the Eatery in Kitsilano and headed out there. As they were leaving the restaurant, Cory offered to sign and saw the photos were all for Lea and joked "I sign so many of these things you guys probably don't want me any more." He pulled Lea over to sign and she started saying "It's raining, it's raining!" (we were under an awning and it was  completely dry). She signed a few and then pulled Cory away and briskly walked to the car. We managed to get 2 each.
At their hotel later in the evening as they were walking (very cute, holding hands and snuggling), Cory walked right over to me and offered to sign and looked and said "oh, Lea!" and he called her over. She was in no mood to sign but Cory said "C'mon babe, they're good people" and Lea came over, signed one. When asked to sign another she said "I'm tired." Cory looked at her and made a gesture for her to sign more and instead she walked away back inside. Cory apologized to me and wished me a good evening.

Cory Monteith is one of the nicest guys and always very cool to fans. It's very strange to see them as a couple as she seems very not fan friendly but, they are adorable together.

Overall though, we got a bunch of Lea autographs. Wished we had our Cory photos on us to get done but, maybe next time. *I guess I should add, Cory knows us well and makes sure to greet us everytime he sees us. He is also very well aware of what we do. He is super cool everytime.*
I don't know where all of you are getting this impression we "followed them around." We were told where Cory was eating and Cory always stays at the same place so we headed back there later on.


  1. One thing to consider in context -- Lea had just flown in that day from London after being out the night before accepting her Glamour Award and then getting up to get to the airport for her flight to the west coast of Canada. She'd come from a time-zone that is 8-9 hours ahead of Vancouver time, which means it probably felt to her like it was 3 or 4 or 5 a.m. or later after a long day of travel. Jet lag like that makes her explanation of being tired very reasonable.

    Fans who saw her at the event in London noted that she was one of only two attendees who make a point of going up and down the line to sign autographs for every single person, so I wouldn't rush to make assumptions based on this one incident.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for reading the blog.

      My only argument to that point is that she was in London, what 24 hours? And in that case you medically can't suffer from "jetlag" in a short amount of time. Yes, she might have been tired, but after landing, she had a long nap at the hotel with Cory to rejuvenate. On top, she would be on NYC time I'm assuming since that's where she was before London. Of course I believe she was tired, however our friends in LA have also told us she is not very friendly with fans there either. Just a point. I do want to believe she is a really good person because we really love Cory up here and enjoy seeing him happy.

    2. You're welcome.

      According to her Twitter account, she got into London at 3:00 a.m. EST on May 28, which meant she took a red eye from NYC--already exhausting in & of itself--and was there for 2 days, sightseeing the first and at the awards the next, then back on a plane to fly 9+ hours. Even a nap wouldn't necessarily account for the adjustments of all of those time changes, the fact that travel can be exhausting, and the stuff she did in a whirlwind trip.

      I just think that this is an instance where, with a quite reasonable explanation for someone being very tired, it makes sense to go with the reasonable explanation.

      And Cory does look very happy; it's lovely to see, isn't it!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say something. First of all, I apologize for my english, i'll probably make some mistakes. Second, you're not the first I hear to say that she's not very friendly around people, but I have a point to make. Sure, she chose this life, she knew what she was doing, and she knew that being an actor means certain things like long trips, jet lag, being nice with people and stuff, but she's human after all, and maybe she just wanted some time alone with her boyfriend after a long trip. Maybe it was some special occasion that we don't know, maybe she just wished she could have a normal girl-in-love evening with Cory. I know that it's annoying when things like that happen, but we also have to think that they're all human, so it means that sometimes they're just in a bad mood and don't want to be around people, even if it's part of their job... :)