Thursday, May 3, 2012

Matt Damon

Matt will be back in town in the next week to film some additional scenes for Elysium, but I felt like I'd blog on our previous experience just in case we don't get the chance to go up to him again.
I'll start off by saying this: there is no celebrity that is nicer than Matt Damon, period. I was beyond excited to meet him, being a huge fan ever since Good Will Hunting. We managed to get up to Matt on an evening when he was heading out to a political event in Washington. Before I go any further, I will provide you with my all time favorite Matt Damon quote, which I have in turn told celebrities. "If someone isn't asking for your autograph, whether it be a fan or someone trying to sell it, you have a really big problem." Matt's belief is one that more celebrities have. The people asking for your autograph are the same people who are paying to see your movies. The people selling your autograph are the ones who tell their friends to see your movie and in turn, will probably see your movie just because you were nice to them. Matt will take as much time out of his day as possible to talk to every single fan, have a genuine conversation with and pose for as many photos as you want.

It was late in the evening and Matt needed to catch his flight but he told us he would be flying back the next night at 2:30am if any of us needed any more from him. I mentioned to him that I became a Red Sox fan strictly because of Good Will Hunting (true story) and told him Ken is a Yankees fan. Matt then went into a good couple minute rant about how could I possibly want to date a Yankees fan. It's unheard of! He then chided Ken for the rest of the time he was signing about cheering for the wrong team.
The next evening we went back mostly because Matt welcomed us to. He had an airport handler that tried to stop Matt from signing autographs saying, "c'mon guys, he just got off a late flight, it's 2:30, leave him alone!" Matt looked at the guy and said "hey man, it's 2:30am for them too you know? They came all the way out here for just for me." At one point I was a little disorganized and couldn't find the photos I wanted him to sign and Matt looked at me and said "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not going anywhere. I'll wait until you can find your photos!"

That's basically all that needs to be said about Matt Damon. The classiest class act there's ever been.

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