Monday, April 30, 2012

Michael Sheen

 Twilight is back in town for 4 days to film a couple reshoots for Breaking Dawn. We saw Rob & Kristen both fly in but their bodyguard presence was absolutely massive and there was no getting anywhere near the two. Michael Sheen however is one of the coolest people we've ever met. Not only is he amazingly kind, he also is extremely talented. What photos do you get this guy to sign? Tron? Alice in Wonderland? Underworld? He makes hit after hit after hit.
He was so incredibly kind and very happy to sign everything we had and pose for photos. Too bad he didn't bring his girlfriend with him ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nathan Fillion in Vancouver

Nathan was another perfect example of how celebrities are different in Vancouver than they are in LA. Outside of Paleyfest (where Nathan was a machine and signed everything), he is a pretty strict one-per down there.
 Nathan flew into Vancouver Friday and instantly one-per'd everyone waiting, but that was more because he was in a rush and there was a very large crowd.

On set on Thursday and Friday however, when the "true fans" came out, he was a super nice guy, signing everything and doing multiples.
Saturday morning he flew out and although in a rush, he was extremely polite and signed at least 2 for everyone, more for those who he knew he hadn't signed for already (Ken included seeing as he was in Vegas for Wed/Thurs).
Nathan is *technically* from Vancouver and does come back to visit from time to time but he's very secretive about it and it can be hard to track him down.

We got him on this Firefly photo in 11x14 for our collection a couple times because it's our favorite and on the Castle photo he laughed at and enjoyed, pointed at it and said "Mmm, Bacon?"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why we're called OUTLAW Hobbies

Outlaw Hobbies/Autographs

Bit of an odd name for an autograph dealer, right? We've been getting a lot of questions lately about why we chose the name.

We started off 8 years ago as West Coast Ice Scripts due to strictly being a hockey collector/seller. The name stuck as our Ebay name and COA's are issued as West Coast Ice because that was our originating company.

In 2009, New Moon began shooting in Vancouver. With all the hype surrounding the movie, we decided maybe it was time to venture into celebrity autographs. The name "Outlaw Hobbies" was then chosen due to the huge animosity of crew working on the Twilight when we approached the cast for autographs. We were considered "Outlaws" to anyone working on the sets.

That is saying nothing about the Twilight cast however. As one of our first forays into the celebrity autographing, the Twilight cast couldn't have been a better choice. They were all young and extremely eager to sign. The film industry in Vancouver has picked up exponentially since then, and we continue to get autographs from tv as well as film and occasionally music.

Friday, April 27, 2012

CinemaCon 2012 - Thursday

Thursday the awards were handed out and the celebrities were in and out of Caesars so fast it was hard to keep track of them all!
 Taylor loved this photo
The highlight of the trip was finally getting local boy Taylor Kitsch. He says he never gets back to Vancouver and as a big fan of Friday Night Lights it was awesome to get him on a couple 11x14s for the collection. We might have been a couple of the very few people that actually enjoyed John Carter, and are really looking forward to Battleship. Brooklyn Decker also attended and we got her on a single, a Battleship poster and a Kitsch dual.
Been a fan of Charlize Theron for quite a few years and heard she wasn't the best signer but she had no problem coming over and doing the one photo we had. 
We are HUGE comic book fans and are beyond excited for Jeremy Renner to be at CinemaCon. He was surrounded by bodyguards the entire time and it was really difficult to get him to come over but eventually we managed to get his attention and got him on 2 Avengers images. 
We knew Anna Faris would be amazing after such a great experience with her at TIFF, and as expected, she was fantastic. When asked to sign she told us to come over to her because her shoes hurt her feet and she didn't want to walk too much. 
Not to be forgotten were autographs from Michelle Pfeiffer on an amazing Batman image, Chloe Moretz  signed a couple Dark Shadows photos and Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann on Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin images.

Josh Hutcherson

~Since we started this blog in March, I'm going to update with some previous encounters. ~

Back in January a former coworker of ours that knows Avan Jogia let us know he had just spent the night hanging out and playing poker with Josh Hutcherson.

Being a HUGE Hunger Games fan (I've gifted the book series to every person I know), we did everything in our power to tried and find out how we would track him down. We managed to find out his flight leaving Vancouver.
On January 5th, Josh arrived at the airport driven by Avan's parents with actress Zoey Deutch. He immediately came over to us and started chatting about how much he loves Vancouver and how he comes up as often as he can to snowboard and visit. I told Josh that I'm a massive fan, as are a bunch of my friends and I have a TON of photos. He laughed it off and thanked us for not bringing a bunch of girls with us because he has problems with big groups. He signed every single item we had and talked to us the whole time.
After he had signed all our photos he went and checked in for his flight. I realized at the last second I had 3 left over photos that I missed getting signed and ran over to him just before he went through customs. He laughed that I had more and signed the remainder.

Check out the paparazzi photos here:

Meghan Ory

I was just updating the store and I realized that I never posted a blog about Meghan Ory! There's pretty  much one on every other Once Upon A Time cast member.

Meghan became more of a "regular" like Eion Bailey on Once in the latter half of the season. Because she's a local girl it was a lot harder to track her down than the other cast members that are almost always on set. We got up to Meghan on multiple occasions in Steveston (which stands in for Storybrooke). She's a very sweet girl (nothing but good things can be said about the ENTIRE) Once cast.

We're very excited that Once is getting a second season. Graphing this cast is nothing but a delight.

CinemaCon 2012!

Ken is headed back from Las Vegas today after spending 5 days at CinemaCon. Blog posts will follow with his successes but one thing just has to be noted - Josh Hutcherson is coming OFF the best signers list! This kid has changed so very much since we got him in Vancouver in January! He was amazing at the Hunger Games premiere, but we heard horror stories about his signing habits at the Seattle mall tour and the Toronto Hunger Games premiere (like he would only sign for female fans and ONLY on non-8x10 photos).  Yikes. We know first hand what a successful franchise can do to celebrities (*ahem Twilight*) but this kid just seemed so cool... It sucks I guess.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Percy Jackson Trio

 Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario & Brandon T Jackson flew into Vancouver (with Leven Rambin) a couple weeks ago and we managed to get the trio at the airport. Alexandra was the super sweetheart that she was two years ago and signed everything we had. Brandon was super cool, talking to all the fans and gladly signing.

Logan Lerman on the other hand has changed a little since the last movie. He's still really nice and polite and a very kind kid, but at the same time, he's weary of autographs and was signing very minimal amounts for everyone and refused to pose for photos. He waited around watching the luggage while his girlfriend Alexandra finished signing for those waiting.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence's autograph

We've gone up to Jennifer Lawrence on multiple occasions and in many different situations. We got her at the airport when she was headed to Miami for the mall tour, our friend got her for us at the press junket at the Four Seasons, we got her at the Hunger Games premiere in LA and we got her randomly while she was out skateboarding with Nicholas Hoult.
Every time her autograph has been *fairly* consistent.
This photo is of 2 different Jennifer Lawrence autographs. On the left she signed while "rushed" by her handler at the airport. The one on the right, we asked her to re-sign when we got her one-on-one.
 Now that Jennifer Lawrence will forever be considered a huge star, there will be a lot more fake autographs on ebay. This blog is to help you figure out if the autograph you are purchasing is a real Jennifer Lawrence or not. The very first way to know: PRICE! Jennifer is NOT an easy autograph to obtain. Sure, she's a sweetheart and will sign for her fans when they get up to her, but she's very busy and her handlers can often shut it down. If she is priced less than $70-$80, there's an extremely good chance it isn't real.
Jennifer is extremely consistent with her "J". Sometimes in a rush she will ONLY sign the J.  
This is the most rushed signature we got out of Jennifer at the airport. Her "J" still has the looping top to it. This is the last autograph she signed before getting into the terminal and was extremely rushed and sloppy.
This is one of the fakes you will find on ebay. Jennifer's secretary signs photos that are sent to her in the mail. She has been using this gold pen a lot. The most noticeable part of the autograph is that the "J" loops at the bottom, not the top. Check out someone's feedback and other items for sale. If they live in somewhere like South Dakota where Jennifer has never been and don't have any photos of ANYONE in their store signing, it's very likely they aren't real.
And last, the very rare full name Jennifer Lawrence autograph. She has on occasion handed this one out on a one-on-one situation. She was signing with this autograph during filming in North Carolina when she was still a bit of an "unknown." I highly doubt anyone will get this autograph anymore.

Good luck!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steven Seagal & Leven Rambin

Hanging around downtown Vancouver yesterday we saw Leven Rambin taking her dog Sookie for a walk. She stopped and chatted with us for awhile about hockey and the Canucks. (she's a hockey fan). The Canucks official twitter spoke to her at the hockey game the other night - her and the Percy Jackson cast were given tickets to the game - and they claimed she was a big Canucks fan. We were able to get Leven to correct their statement. She said she doesn't love the Kings, and she doesn't love the Canucks but seeing as the Canucks gave her the tickets...well.... Leven was an absolute sweetheart and signed all the photos we had.
We spotted Steven Seagal heading out of a Thai restaurant soon after that and got him to sign a couple photos. Steven is very strict with his autographs and photos and WILL NOT let you proof him. He was very cool and talked to us about the photos we had. He is obliging to fans but when a crowd started to form he shut it down (politely). Had people pushed a little more, I'm sure he would have posed and signed for them but everyone respected him and stood back and let him go.
Seagal loves this image