Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pedro Pascal

We originally met Pedro Pascal at LAX when he was flying back from Game of Thrones promotion. He had recently been in Vancouver filming the tv pilot Exposed and we asked if he'd be back. He said for a couple more days. The next week we heard he was finished his two days of filming in Vancouver and was flying back to LA. We managed to get up to him and he signed a bunch of photos for us, adding Red Viper to them. Pedro is a massive part of Game of Thrones season 4 so he was a huge score for us! Not to mention he is an incredibly nice guy.

Katrina Law

When we heard Katrina Law was in town for the Arrow finale we spent all evening for 3 days straight trying to find her. Katrina was a big fan sensation in her sole appearance and we'd heard rumours she'd be back in a big way. Finally we heard about an Arrow cast dinner and we tracked them down and managed to finally get her.
Katrina is as sweet as can be and signed every photo that we had brought out for her. She is also incredibly beautiful in person!