Friday, November 30, 2012

Colin Donnell's chops

Colin Donnell came back to Vancouver after his Thanksgiving break rocking some pretty awesome Movember chops. He was sad that he would be removing them soon. Colin's a super cool guy and signed what we had.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

James Remar

If you're a regular to this blog, you're already aware of how huge of Vampire Diaries fans we are. So when we heard James Remar was back in Vancouver filming Horns, we had to get him.
James was out walking with his wife in the rain and gladly signed a couple pictures for us. He talked about how great of a guy Ian is and how much fun it was working on the show. We didn't bother even getting him on Dexter shots, just TVD. Got a really sweet 11x14 of him and Paul and Ian for the collection.

Spoiler Alert! Julian Morris is back in Vancouver!

Last we saw of Prince Phillip on Once Upon A Time, he had lost his soul. But Sleeping Beauty needs her prince, and alas, Julian Morris has returned to Vancouver to continue filming his role as Prince Phillip.
Julian flew in with Mulan, Jamie Chung and both stopped to sign some photos for us. Julian is a very cool guy and gladly signed the pics we had. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin

We were planning on taking a day off from autographs today and had a relaxing afternoon before heading out to dinner.
We went downtown, parked our car and looked across the street to see Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin paying their meter. They spotted us and said hi and walked over to us. Since we got Ginnifer earlier this week we only asked Josh to sign a couple photos and he was, as always, super cool. We stood around and talked for a few minutes. It was a bit chilly so Ginnifer snuggled up close to Josh while we spoke. She said they had planned to go back to Los Angeles for the weekend but enjoy the quiet Vancouver life. She said once the winter gets colder however, they'll probably go back to the warm California sunshine.

I asked them if I could take a picture of them because they looked so cute and dressed up and they both beamed at the idea. Josh pulled his girl in close and they posed for the camera.
Best couple ever. They're just absolutely amazing, wonderful people and we enjoy every time we see them.

*If you're taking the photo to use on tumblr or a message board, please credit it back to us, thanks!*

Friday, November 9, 2012

November contest! Movember donation!

It's time for the November giveaway!

Fall's new hit tv show Arrow is cleaning up the ratings and Stephen Amell is a pretty popular guy right now.
All you have to do to win this signed Stephen Amell photo, comment on this blog. On November 30th we will use a random number generator to select one of the lucky posts as a winner!

To earn a second entry, post this on your twitter:

I entered to win a signed #Arrow Stephen Amell photo from Outlaw-Hobbies

And then post on the blog (again) with your twitter username.

And finally for a 3rd entry, donate any amount to the Arrow Movember page. (It can even be $1!) and comment again for your 3rd entry with the name you donated under on the Movember page!

Also, in support of Arrow's Movember, for every Arrow photo that we sell this month, we will be donating 10% of that sale to Arrow's Movember!

See our Arrow items here:

Team Arrow's Movember page:

Good luck!!

Stephen Amell's pink ribbon and favorite toque - Autographs!

Stephen Amell left Vancouver today his Remembrance Day weekend. We caught up with him on his way out of town and as always, Stephen was super cool.
I had to ask him about that grey toque of his that he always travels with. He said he's had it for 2 years now and it's his old faithful. Stephen talked about how disappointed he was in CTV airing the episode early but was very happy that people are enjoying the show so much. He's such a humble Canadian boy and definitely one of the nicest in the business.
Stephen's mom is in the battle against breast cancer and he was wearing his pink ribbon patch along with a purple ribbon on his coat. He had a good chuckle when we had a bunch of shirtless pictures of him.
The video I took didn't turn out so well, but here's a few screencaps.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fringe set - November 5th

We went to the Fringe set today hoping to get John Noble who you can basically only get on set and we were lucky as Blair Brown, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson & John were all on set today.
They filmed a bunch of scenes and John Noble and Anna Torv both came over to sign a few photos for us. They filmed a bit more and we got Blair to sign a couple (and complete a combo photo of her and Anna) on her lunch break.
Olympic soccer bronze medalist Karina Leblanc was filming as an extra today and at one point let Joshua Jackson wear her medal.

Matthew Davis voted

Matthew Davis was on our favorite tv show The Vampire Diaries, so anytime we can get his autograph, it's a good day.

Matt flew down to Los Angeles for one day just to vote. He proudly showed off his "I Voted" sticker and spoke about how he hopes America gets it right.
We had a new photo of Matt from the season 4 of Vampire Diaries when he filmed a little cameo and he really enjoyed it. He said he really misses his TVD buddies.

The (old) Green Arrow Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley is in Vancouver filming Emily Owens MD while the new Green Arrow Stephen Amell films Arrow. Justin is always really cool with us and signed a nice new Arrow photo we had found.

Ginnifer Goodwin's "fancy" shoes

Ginnifer Godwin has to be one of the sweetest celebrities we've ever met. Last night she just hung around and chatted for 15minutes about anything and everything. We were talking about how last night's episode was so great with Michael Raymond-James and Colin O'Donoghue and she said "I told Josh that we needed some more male characters in the show since he seems to be surrounded by women." She gushed about how amazing all the new cast members are and how much fun it is to work with them. She said MRJ hasn't been back to film yet but she expects he will be soon; she also said Sinqua Walls will most likely be back at some point.
We only got Ginnifer on photos we have done before, and combos that need JMo or Josh on. We were too busy getting Matthew Davis later on in the night and let Jennifer Morrison get past us.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nostalgia Post 2: Smallville

It's really great to have another potential "franchise" tv series in Vancouver with Arrow but that doesn't mean we don't miss Smallville.

We got into autographing celebrities around the 8th season of the show, and by that time the main cast members were already very privy to the autographing scene in the city. Tom Welling was very hard to get until near the end of the final season, when he started to sign a bunch more for us. Erica Durance was always amazing and accommodating when we could get up to her. Justin Hartley was always really nice to us. Alan Ritchson was one of the coolest guys in season 10. Laura Vandervoort and Cassidy Freeman were absolute sweethearts every time. Season 10 was the best because a lot of the older characters we loved from the show came back and we were able to get them (like John Schneider, Michael Rosenbaum, Callum Blue).

We were huge fans of Smallville and sad to see it go, but hopefully we'll get to see a lot of the cast come back to Vancouver for new productions! (Akin to Justin Hartley being back in the city for Emily Owens MD)

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles went back to Los Angeles this morning and was as awesome as always. He's always in great spirits (probably because he's escaping the rain!) and chats a bit with us. This morning we tried to get him to talk about the Dungeons & Dragons episode but he couldn't say anything.