Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence's autograph

We've gone up to Jennifer Lawrence on multiple occasions and in many different situations. We got her at the airport when she was headed to Miami for the mall tour, our friend got her for us at the press junket at the Four Seasons, we got her at the Hunger Games premiere in LA and we got her randomly while she was out skateboarding with Nicholas Hoult.
Every time her autograph has been *fairly* consistent.
This photo is of 2 different Jennifer Lawrence autographs. On the left she signed while "rushed" by her handler at the airport. The one on the right, we asked her to re-sign when we got her one-on-one.
 Now that Jennifer Lawrence will forever be considered a huge star, there will be a lot more fake autographs on ebay. This blog is to help you figure out if the autograph you are purchasing is a real Jennifer Lawrence or not. The very first way to know: PRICE! Jennifer is NOT an easy autograph to obtain. Sure, she's a sweetheart and will sign for her fans when they get up to her, but she's very busy and her handlers can often shut it down. If she is priced less than $70-$80, there's an extremely good chance it isn't real.
Jennifer is extremely consistent with her "J". Sometimes in a rush she will ONLY sign the J.  
This is the most rushed signature we got out of Jennifer at the airport. Her "J" still has the looping top to it. This is the last autograph she signed before getting into the terminal and was extremely rushed and sloppy.
This is one of the fakes you will find on ebay. Jennifer's secretary signs photos that are sent to her in the mail. She has been using this gold pen a lot. The most noticeable part of the autograph is that the "J" loops at the bottom, not the top. Check out someone's feedback and other items for sale. If they live in somewhere like South Dakota where Jennifer has never been and don't have any photos of ANYONE in their store signing, it's very likely they aren't real.
And last, the very rare full name Jennifer Lawrence autograph. She has on occasion handed this one out on a one-on-one situation. She was signing with this autograph during filming in North Carolina when she was still a bit of an "unknown." I highly doubt anyone will get this autograph anymore.

Good luck!

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