Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aaron Yoo of the Tomorrow People

Aaron Yoo has been filming Tomorrow People since July and we finally managed to get his autograph before he headed off for Christmas hiatus. Now all we need is Luke Mitchell.

Aaron was very cool, braving the dumping of snow that had occurred the night before.

Taylor Kitsch at YVR

Taylor Kitsch was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and we've managed to obtain his autograph in Las Vegas and Toronto, but never in Vancouver. As huge Friday Night Light fans, we are happy to get up to Taylor whenever possible.

We heard Taylor was in town for Christmas and would be flying out Boxing Day and we managed to catch up to him before he caught his flight out.

Taylor is one of the nicest guys in the business. Extremely down to earth and thankful for his fans. He talked a bit about how he doesn't consider Vancouver home anymore and only comes up once a year. He took pictures with us and signed all our photos and chatted a bit.

The Hobbit Los Angeles premiere

The Hobbit was one of our favorite movies of 2012 and we were excited to hear they were having a Los Angeles premiere for 2013.
The majority of the cast were great signers and we were very happy to get Evangeline Lilly, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin was especially friendly as always.

Richard Armitage, Stephen Fry, Orlando Bloom, Aidan Turner, Luke Evans, Dean O'Gorman, William Kircher and Peter Jackson all signed on the red carpet as well.

Misha Collins Christmas Hiatus

We don't catch up with Misha as often as we'd like so getting him before he left for Christmas was a bonus.

Misha is always incredibly nice and signed for all that asked him and chatted for a little while.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Michael J Fox

Catching up on some old(er) posts.

Back in September we went out for the annual Michael J Fox tournament. Michael is always a very good signer and this time was no different. He signed a bunch for those waiting and chatted briefly. 

Michael only comes back to his home once a year so it's always a special time to get him.

Lana Parrilla

The Evil Queen of Once Upon a Time Lana Parrilla flew back with her family on Sunday from their Thanksgiving break.

Lana is always extremely sweet and said she wished she had worn makeup.

Colton Haynes & Katie Cassidy

Colton Haynes flew back from his Thanksgiving in Arkansas and was really chatty as always. He talked to us about how passive Black Friday was in Arkansas and he was actually disappointed. 

Katie Cassidy also flew back and was sweet as always. She's looking a lot thinner than the last time we saw her, but stylish as always and we chatted about her new fashion site. Katie spoke to us about how awesome her storyline will be. We had gotten autographs earlier in the day from Alex Kingston, Paul Blackthorne and then later that evening Caity Lotz, so the whole Lance family was in town for filming.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Caity Lotz

This is the second time we've gotten Caity Lotz but the first since Black Canary photos came out. She has been sweet both times signing what we had and discussed how great the Lance family story is going to be.