Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Autograph Giveaway!

To celebrate the start of Once Upon A Time Season 2 (it premieres September 30th!) we will be giving away this Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin dual signed photo!
Josh and Ginny have always been very cool to us and are one of the reasons we're happy Once is back for season 2!

There are 4 ways you can enter; do all 4 and be entered multiple times!!

1) Comment on this blog - include your name and email
2) Follow @OutlawHobbies on twitter. Make this post for an additional entry:

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In addition to the contest, 5% from the proceeds of every sale of a Once Upon A Time item from either our ebay or webstore will be donated to Robert Carlyle's charity With Kids Glasgow 

Good luck! A winner will be chosen and notified on September 15th!

Sarah Carter

The very sexy Sarah Carter flew into Vancouver to begin filming Falling Skies season 3. She stopped to chat with us for a little bit and sign some photos. Sarah is always very sweet to us and stands for a chat every time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stephen Amell out for lunch

While taking our dog to the beach yesterday, we checked out the patio of Local Eatery and there was Arrow star Stephen Amell having drinks with a friend.
We went back to the car and grabbed our photos and got up to Stephen as he was leaving and as always, he was extremely cool with us.

Stephen was pumped that we had the new promo photo, his comments being "Wow, already! You know those are all real, right?" He asked his friend where was a good place to sign the photo and she said "Abs! Abs!" And since I was going in with a silver sharpie (had all dark photos for him), I asked him to sign on the abs as well, being they were the darkest spot. He said, "Nah, that's weird!" And proceeded to sign in silver in the lightest spot on the photo.
As mentioned in a previous blog, Stephen specifically targets his signing, light pen goes in the lightest spot, dark pen in the darkest. Luckily Ken got the abs photo in blue and it looked great. But really Stephen, silver sharpie, dark photo and you sign on the WHITE SHIRT?!?

He gets to this photo and was commenting on how these were from ComicCon and said "You know, what, fuck it! I'm going to sign right on my face! Ha!"
The whole time Stephen was joking around, obviously finding it funny how he was signing, not thinking it was lowering value or anything. He's such a cool guy and it was amusing graphing him. Next time I'm going to cut out a piece of cardboard and place it on top of the photo with just a small hole for him to sign in the right spot. That'll teach him!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Diane Kruger (with Joshua Jackson)

While we were sitting in downtown Vancouver having lunch, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson walked right past us holding hands. Diane is a rare sighting in Vancouver and immediately we walked up to them and asked for her autograph. She was very sweet and Joshua smiled and checked out the photos she was signing. Such a beautiful couple and just really nice people.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

John Barrowman

John Barrowman was announced as a guest star on Arrow yesterday. I immediately freaked out when I saw the tweets and called Ken. I know how big of a deal John is. I've never been able to get into Dr. Who or Torchwood (although bought the 1st season yesterday and am now going to give it a try!). All my friends always talk about how awesome Captain Jack is and how huge of a cult figure the guy is. Not to mention he's rumoured to be the big "bad guy" on Arrow, which we already know is going to be our new favorite tv show.
 After some contacting with John's people we found out he was already on the plane headed our way when the news was announced. We rushed out and printed some photos and raced to the airport. Words can't describe just how amazing John Barrowman is. He is such a nice guy. Stopped to chat to the random people at YVR who even had no clue who he was. He saw us taking a couple pictures and said "Be sure to post those on twitter so my fans can see me!!" When he found out our puppy was named Loki he beamed (the guy had a Captain America figurine on the back of his backpack!).
 We tried to pry some info out of him for Arrow; he couldn't say what or who he was, but hinted that it's an amazing role and his stunts are going to be some of the baddest stuff you'll ever see and that he's extremely excited. When asked if he'd been to Vancouver before, he said "Oh yeah, I come up here to ski!"

Honestly one of the COOLEST celebs we've ever met. When he signs, he typically adds "Captain Jack" to the photo. One one, he started writing Jack, and went "Ooops!" and then wrote out "Jack Harkness" and said, "I've never actually written that before!"
Can't wait to see him in Arrow!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kurt Fuller & Corbin Bernsen

*Spoiler Alert*
Last weekend we went to a Psych set where they were filming the wedding of Timothy Omundson & Kristy Swanson. Kurt Fuller was wearing nothing but a speedo and his trouser socks. Be happy he was wearing a bath robe in the photos. We got autographs from the entire cast that day. Also of note, on set (and he has been all season long) was Corbin Bernsen. Corbin is definitely not in town for a "set visit" as he has been tweeting. Yes, it's a spoiler alert Psych fans. Corbin isn't dead. in fact we watched him film lines as Henry in his wedding suit.

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley is back in Vancouver for Emily Owens MD. Despite it being 34 degrees in Vancouver, he went out for a jog. For a role as a doctor, Justin is still EXTREMELY fit and looks great. He couple probably slip that Green Arrow costume back on and fit right in.
He stopped to sign a couple autographs for us and chat about how his parents are helping him with all the medical terminology. 

Jennifer Morrison

We met up with Jennifer Morrison on Saturday before she headed off to a yoga class. Jennifer is always really friendly and chatted with us about how her hiatus was extremely busy and short, but she's happy to be back in Vancouver.
We added her to a couple cast photos, including the "new" ComicCon one.

Alexander Skarsgard

 Alexander Skarsgard has been in Vancouver for the past week filming Hidden. Seeing as the film is about him being locked in a basement/fallout shelter, he looks extremely gaunt with a bit of a beard and sunken eyes.
We noticed Alex walking coming unnoticed down the street (even passing by paparazzi who didn't even recognize him) and asked him for a couple autographs and pictures with. Alex was extremely friendly, an extremely nice guy to fans. He personalized and signed the 2 photos that we had and spoke a bit about the new season of True Blood and how he's really loving Vancouver. Overall a super nice guy.

Kenny Wormald in Victoria

Kenny Wormald has been filming Kid Cannabis on Vancouver Island for a couple weeks and when we heard Ron Perlman was filming, we decided to catch the ferry in hopes both would be there.
As of course odds were, Ron had wrapped his part and left earlier in the day, but we did manage to meet up with Kenny and get a couple autographs and pictures with. He's a very cool guy and loving BC so far.