Thursday, August 16, 2012

John Barrowman

John Barrowman was announced as a guest star on Arrow yesterday. I immediately freaked out when I saw the tweets and called Ken. I know how big of a deal John is. I've never been able to get into Dr. Who or Torchwood (although bought the 1st season yesterday and am now going to give it a try!). All my friends always talk about how awesome Captain Jack is and how huge of a cult figure the guy is. Not to mention he's rumoured to be the big "bad guy" on Arrow, which we already know is going to be our new favorite tv show.
 After some contacting with John's people we found out he was already on the plane headed our way when the news was announced. We rushed out and printed some photos and raced to the airport. Words can't describe just how amazing John Barrowman is. He is such a nice guy. Stopped to chat to the random people at YVR who even had no clue who he was. He saw us taking a couple pictures and said "Be sure to post those on twitter so my fans can see me!!" When he found out our puppy was named Loki he beamed (the guy had a Captain America figurine on the back of his backpack!).
 We tried to pry some info out of him for Arrow; he couldn't say what or who he was, but hinted that it's an amazing role and his stunts are going to be some of the baddest stuff you'll ever see and that he's extremely excited. When asked if he'd been to Vancouver before, he said "Oh yeah, I come up here to ski!"

Honestly one of the COOLEST celebs we've ever met. When he signs, he typically adds "Captain Jack" to the photo. One one, he started writing Jack, and went "Ooops!" and then wrote out "Jack Harkness" and said, "I've never actually written that before!"
Can't wait to see him in Arrow!