Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stephen Amell out for lunch

While taking our dog to the beach yesterday, we checked out the patio of Local Eatery and there was Arrow star Stephen Amell having drinks with a friend.
We went back to the car and grabbed our photos and got up to Stephen as he was leaving and as always, he was extremely cool with us.

Stephen was pumped that we had the new promo photo, his comments being "Wow, already! You know those are all real, right?" He asked his friend where was a good place to sign the photo and she said "Abs! Abs!" And since I was going in with a silver sharpie (had all dark photos for him), I asked him to sign on the abs as well, being they were the darkest spot. He said, "Nah, that's weird!" And proceeded to sign in silver in the lightest spot on the photo.
As mentioned in a previous blog, Stephen specifically targets his signing, light pen goes in the lightest spot, dark pen in the darkest. Luckily Ken got the abs photo in blue and it looked great. But really Stephen, silver sharpie, dark photo and you sign on the WHITE SHIRT?!?

He gets to this photo and was commenting on how these were from ComicCon and said "You know, what, fuck it! I'm going to sign right on my face! Ha!"
The whole time Stephen was joking around, obviously finding it funny how he was signing, not thinking it was lowering value or anything. He's such a cool guy and it was amusing graphing him. Next time I'm going to cut out a piece of cardboard and place it on top of the photo with just a small hole for him to sign in the right spot. That'll teach him!

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