Friday, May 18, 2012

Jodie Foster (again) and Julianne Moore

After talking about how dead it is Vancouver, we must have improved our karma! In just over 24 hours of getting her,  we heard Jodie Foster was on her way out for the long weekend and Julianne Moore had wrapped her role in the Seventh Son.
We headed out to the airport and the group of people was much smaller this time. Jodie was the first person out of the vehicle, looks over to the small crowd and curses and walks over without being asked and starts signing. She was....well, look at the video and you'll know.
It wasn't a "bad" experience per say, but she definitely wasn't too happy to see everyone.
Julianne Moore on the other hand was an absolute sweetheart. Signed for everyone and signed anything we had (expect for one older photo where she is wearing fur. She is a PETA supporter and doesn't approve of the photo). She thanked us for coming out and told us she was done in Vancouver but loved her visit. 

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