Sunday, March 18, 2012

A sunny day at the beach - JENNIFER LAWRENCE AGAIN

Ken and I went to do some shopping and sightseeing after the Revenge panel and it actually turned out to be the luckiest day of our trip!

While we were walking back to our car from a late lunch, we spotted Jennifer Lawrence being taught how to skateboard by her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and her brother!

It was a little weird to be going up to her just randomly on the street, but like I mentioned, the girl is a total SWEETHEART. She stood around and talked for quite awhile about how crazy this whole thing is and how she's really excited. Nicholas also signed a few photos for us and talked about Skins and I asked him about Warm Bodies because I read the book and am really looking forward to it!

We managed to get every single photo we had brought on the trip for Jennifer done, as well as a bunch of Nicholas'. Definitely the best autographing day we've ever had, by far!

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