Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rachel Nichols

We started today hoping to get autographs from Kevin Costner who stopped in Vancouver for 2 days to film a part in Man Of Steel. Unfortunately the traffic in Vancouver is just horrible and we barely missed him by 5 minutes.
We went downtown after the disappointment and found the set for new Canadian tv series currently titled "Out of Time" starring GI Joe beauty Rachel Nichols.

After waiting outside in the cold for an hour, shooting finally stopped for lunch and we were able to call Rachel over to sign a few autographs. She was extremely pleasant, personalized all but also picks and chooses the photos she will sign. It seems a certain photoshoot she doesn't like the images and will just say "I won't sign this one." and continue onto the next.
She was delightful, signed everything we had for her (that wasn't the sexy photoshoot) and had a good conversation with us until a crew member pulled her away.

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