Saturday, February 2, 2013

OUAT cast out for brunch

I absolutely love this one cafe in Vancouver's London Fogs. Everytime we're downtown I am sure to head there for my morning fix. Today I walked in to order and spotted Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas and Jamie Dornan having a bite. Ginnifer was facing me and saw me, smiled and waved and went back to her conversation.

A few minutes later they came out and immediately walked over to us. Ginny looked great as always, and I was sure to tell her so. We talked to them for about 15minutes just catching up and chatting about go-karting, her OUAT wardrobe, Jamie's dog allergies among many other things. Ginny and Josh, as we've mentioned many, many times, are two of the coolest people we've ever met. Throw Jamie in that mix and you've just got a gang of awesome. Josh, the always southern gentleman, stood beside me and put his hand on my back and commented how it was cold and I had to be sure to stay warm. I asked Ginny if she had stolen wardrobe from set, the coat looked right from Mary Margaret's awesome wardrobe and she said she feels like she's wearing a cape in this coat and then thanked me. She then said, is everyone noticing how much better my wardrobe is this year? No more frumpy teacher clothing!
I asked if I could take a picture of the three of them and Ginny commented how she loves posing for pics for us! I told her the fans will love to see the three of them not in set makeup and wardrobe and Josh said "And we love the fans to see us!"

They posed, Josh gave me a hug and shook Ken's hand and they were on their way.