Monday, September 17, 2012

Moon Bloodgood

While in the process of sorting and scanning a LOT of TIFF photos, as well as running through our personal collection (something we do at least twice a month) and putting some older photos up for sale (who actually needs 25 Arielle Kebbels, Laura Vandervoorts, Adrienne Palickis, in their collection right?) we took the day off from desk work and went downtown in the gorgeous sunshine.

We managed to catch up with Moon Bloodgood who is looking rather pregnant. She said she's due in December but production is giving her from October off so she'll only be briefly in this season. It's the first child for her and her husband and they're extremely excited, and she's glowing. Moon was super sweet and signed a rare full name autograph on all the photos we had for her. She said season 3 of Falling Skies will be even better than 2.

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