Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 20 Update

Sadly we missed Emma Watson completely, which sucked because we would have liked to start a couple duals with her and Daniel since Radcliffe will be filming in Vancouver for a couple months. But as of right now, over halfway through TIFF and the trip winding down, we're 11/20.

Of the Top 20 list we have managed autographs from:
2) Olga Kurylenko
3) Marion Cotillard
4) Rachel McAdams
5) Gemma Arterton
6) Nina Dobrev
10) Aaron Johnson
11) Jennifer Lawrence
12) Mary Elizabeth Winstead
15) Chris Evans
17) Saoirse Ronan
20) Christina Hendricks

Also got autographs from people that might have been on the list, had it been longer; Ralph Fiennes, Bryan Cranston, Sam Rockwell, Liana Liberato, Dustin Hoffman, Greta Gerwig.


  1. This was my first year at TIFF or anywhere else with star power, so all I was able to get was Colin Firth. Would have LOVED to have gotten Dustin Hoffman or Sam Rockwell. NICE! Next year, I hope I have a better idea (and a better aura of friends) on how to get better spots at red carpets.

  2. Where's your autos from Ralph Fiennes and Sam Rockwell?

    1. These photos are only about a 1/5th of the total autographs we got on the trip. It's just a sampling.