Monday, October 15, 2012

Arrow Sunday

Arrow went to NY Comic Con for a panel on Sunday and knowing they would have to be back Sunday night to film Monday, we made a late trip out to the airport for the only YVR-JFK flight.
Prior to that though, Colin Salmon came through on a London flight. This is our first time getting up to Colin and he was extremely nice. He talked to us about Resident Evil and how Milla Jovovich is absolutely the #1 female action star out there. He added a few character names to our pictures (I really love how the Brits do that) including adding "Walter Steele" to our Arrow promo photo for the personal collection.
Once the JFK flight landed, it was a lot of back and forth, the two of us trying to graph 3 people. Stephen is just awesome (as you can tell from prior blogs) so he waited for us to get Katie and Willa. Katie added her character name "Laurel" to another promo photo and completed a personal collection 11x14 dual with Stephen.
Willa received some bad news right before getting on the plane about the death of a friend and when we saw she was crying , she told us about it and we said to her, oh, don't worry about signing for us tonight, it's ok! And she said "No, no guys, I want to sign for you. I need to interact right now." Afterwards I asked her if I could give her a hug and she started crying and said "Yes, please! I really need it right now." Meanwhile Stephen was standing beside her rubbing her back comforting her. Willa is just absolutely amazing, a total sweetheart and we love her so much.

Stephen stood to the side and started talking to us about this season and how awesome ComicCon was. He saw we had all new promo photos and stood to talk about each image as he signed them. Just a super classy, amazing cast.

Added Willa and Colin to our 11x14 cast piece that already had Colin Donnell, John Barrowman, Stephen, Katie and Kelly Hu. Just need Paul Blackthorne & Susanna Thompson to complete it.

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