Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mamie Gummer

At the VIFF party a couple weeks ago, a few of the Emily Owens cast members were listed as attending. Mamie Gummer was not on the list, and we didn't expect her to go. At that point we hadn't seen Mamie at all this season.
All her cast members start filing out of cabs and to our surprise, Mamie hopped out too. I grabbed one of the only images we'd had yet of her and got her to sign the Emily Owens promo photo (my first ever time graphing her and I pulled a multiple on her - the same photo - something I never do.) She was extremely sweet and signed them and thanked me for being a fan.
Today was the second time we got up to her as she was leaving to film a guest spot with Justin Hartley on The Talk. Again she was extremely delightful.

(thanks to John  at Canadagraphs for taking the proof photo!)

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